1031 Exchange Resources

1031 Exchange Resources

Different Types Of 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges

If you are considering a like-kind exchange, you have many options. Regardless of the investment property type you own or are planning to acquire, you can defer the taxes through a 1031 tax-deferred exchange. Work with our registered investment advisors to simplify the process. With us, you can participate in the following:
  • Simultaneous Exchange, where you will trade a relinquished property with a replacement property at the same time.
  • Delayed Exchange, where you will sell your relinquished property, have a QI hold funds for you while you find a replacement property.
  • Built-To-Suit Exchange, where you will sell the relinquished property, buy a replacement property and use the proceeds on improvements for the new property.
  • Reverse Exchange, where you will first acquire the replacement property and then sell the relinquished property.
  • Personal Property Exchange, where you will trade personal belongings other than real property.

To conduct a successful 1031 exchange, you must have a clear understanding of the rules applied to the sale and acquisition of properties. Working with DST.com will help you connect with the 1031 exchange experts and get the most out of a 1031 exchange.

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Save More With A Tax-Deferred Exchange

Working hard to earn money means that you are willing to find ways to keep as much money with you as possible. This involves avoiding taxes. Similarly, when it comes to buying or selling a real estate property, you will be willing to keep the maximum amount of money with you as possible. If you undergo a typical real estate transaction, the gains realized from the sale of a property will lead to taxes even if you reinvest the proceeds in another property.

The experts at DST.com are here to help you through a 1031 tax exchange. Named after Section 1031 of the IRS code, you can defer the capital gains taxes on the sale of a relinquished property as long as you are willing to reinvest 100% of the proceeds in a replacement property held for investment purposes only. Even if you exchange agricultural land with retail property, you still will be conducting a successful 1031 exchange and will not be subject to paying any taxes.

Why Consider A 1031 Tax Exchange?

If you are buying or selling a real estate property, there will be several types of taxes involved that you will be required to pay. However, with a 1031 exchange, you can get the following benefits:
  • You can defer or eliminate (only in some cases) the taxes from a property sale.
  • The money saved from not paying the taxes can be reinvested in a new property that might help you generate passive income.
  • Depreciation recapture can be postponed or eliminated altogether.
  • You can maintain a diversified investment portfolio.

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