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About DST.com

Providing the best passive investment real estate options, we simplify your 1031 exchange by connecting you with multiple experts and financial advisors. With over 20 years of extensive industry experience, we bring authentic, unbiased and updated information on DSTs (Delaware Statutory Trusts) and other suitable replacement property options.

We manage industry-wide connections with alternative industry professionals like Registered Representatives, Qualified Intermediaries, attorneys, CPAs and more, who would help you find the most suitable replacement property options for a successful 1031 exchange. At DST.com, Our network of registered investment advisors, helps you better understand the benefits of acquiring DSTs during a 1031 exchange by analyzing your situation and providing the best replacement property options. 

We make sure that our chosen Industry professional helps you achieve your investment goals.

We aim to make your investment in a DST (Delaware Statutory Trust) stress-free. In addition to providing all the necessary information on investing in a DSTs, our network of industry professionals also handle all the paperwork to ensure proper IRS reporting.

Why DST.com?

  • We connect you with multiple Registered Representatives or Registered Investment Advisors, so you are able to decide from multiple investment options available in the market.
  • Depending on your investment objectives, our advisors help you find the best possible offering or replacement property in the market.
  • To help you complete your 1031 Tax Deferral Exchange, our 1031 Expert Advisors provide complete administrative assistance.
  • Our advisors work closely with your attorney/CPA and closing agent to ensure a smooth transaction and help you find one in case you need one.

So if you are either in the process of 1031 Exchange or looking to start one, get in touch with us by filling in the information below.

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