Agricultural Land Exchange

Agriculture Land Exchange

It is necessary to do a 1031 exchange if you are planning to sell your orchard, farm, or ranch shortly or now. It allows you to dispose of your property tax-free and invest the proceeds in your choice of real estate. Besides handling all the paperwork and ensuring your exchange follows government guidelines, 1031 exchange places ensure your exchange is as efficient as possible.

When selling agricultural land, you should consider an exchange. There is a tax to pay on the difference between the cost of your land and the sales price if you do not set up a section 1031 exchange before you sell your property. Selling a property for extended periods is a common practice for many people. Upon sale, there is a substantial tax liability. Taxes are unnecessary, and wasting years of hard work would be a shame.

The advantage of agricultural land exchange is using all your hard-earned proceeds. Sellers seeking secure monthly cash flow from selling their orchard, ranch, or parcel are unsure how to begin. Our team of experts guides clients through every step of the 1031 process. We also provide referrals to 1031 advisors in 1031 properties that offer a secure monthly income without hassle.

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In addition to purchasing investment real estate, you can sell your land. In addition to agricultural land, you can invest in office buildings, apartments, industrial buildings, storage units, rental homes, and retail centers.

Investing in NNN properties is attractive to land sellers because a long-term lease is already in place, and the tenant pays all taxes, insurance, utilities, repairs, and maintenance with no responsibilities on the investor’s part. The money you receive from your rent checks directly deposited into your checking account will allow you to spend time with your grandkids, go on vacation, attend church, or provide community service.

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