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We are here to protect your income from unnecessary taxes and safeguard your investment property according to the rules laid down by the IRS. We help clients like you make the most of the 1031 exchange program by connecting you with experts that analyze your investment and financial situation before advising you on your 1031 Exchange plans.

Why should you consider a 1031 Exchange?

If you own an investment property, you can use the 1031 Exchange as a powerful investment tool to sell and invest the proceeds for achieving your investment objectives. Capital Gains made from the sale of investment property are taxable under IRS rules which can range from 35% to 45%.

Investment property’s type, state taxes, depreciation, and the owner’s tax bracket affect the exact calculation of capital gains tax which can be deferred under the 1031 Exchange program.
Exchangors can re-invest all the equity they receive after selling their property for reinvestment, allowing them to obtain a replacement property with better cash flow, less management, and better location, and achieve other investment objectives.

What Qualifies?

Investment property held for productive use in a trade, business, or investment may be exchanged for like-kind property. In real estate, the like-kind property is widely defined as real property in the United States and its territories.

For example: Single-family rentals can be exchanged for duplexes, raw land for shopping centers, or apartment office buildings. It doesn’t matter what combination you choose.

There is no like-kind relationship between real property and personal property. It is illegal to exchange a commercial building for an airplane, a single-family rental for a licensed timeshare, or raw land for heavy construction equipment.A property’s general asset class, NAICS classification, and nature are considered when evaluating its value. A school bus can be exchanged for a metro bus, a barge for a tugboat and a fleet rental car for a taxi.

1031 Exchange Services

We help you by connecting you with registered 1031 exchange advisors immediately. Our proprietary platform connects you with the best possible advisors depending on your situation, keeping your best interest in mind.

Doing a 1031 Exchange can be a complex transaction; Our 1031 Exchange Advisors are ready to help you at every step during your 1031 Exchange Process.

What Do We Do For You?

  • We help you directly connect with Registered Investment Advisors
  • You get the option of Pre package DST to satisfy your 1031 exchange in case you have limited time to identify your replacement property
  • Our advisors help you find the best possible offering available in the market, depending on your investment objectives.
  • Our 1031 Expert Advisors provide complete administrative assistance to complete your 1031 Tax Deferral Exchange.
  • Our advisors work hand in hand with your attorney/CPA and closing agent to ensure the transaction runs smoothly.
So, if you are looking to sell your investment property or have it under contract and are looking for effective solutions to save on capital gains taxes, we would be

Happy to help you connect with our investment advisors. Feel free to reach us at 888-876-6005 or fill out the form below.

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