Offering Professional 1031 Exchange Services

Offering Professional 1031 Exchange Services

Meeting your Idaho 1031 exchange needs for decades, we help you get in touch with registered 1031 exchange advisors to help you avoid unnecessary taxes. Besides this, our team of registered advisors aligns you with the right replacement properties that meet your needs.

And, if you are looking for the right replacement property to reinvest in, we work with you to help you navigate the complexities and finalize the right replacement property. Unlike other experts, we specialize in passive-income generating properties like DSTs, TIC and NNN. Want to know more? Just get in touch with us, and we’ll connect you with the right investment advisor.

Work With A 1031 Exchange Registered Investment Advisor

At 1031 Information, we connect you with industry experts. We aim to simplify the 1031 exchange process and help you defer the capital gains taxes with ease. When you get in touch with us, our registered advisors understand your requirements and unique situation and provide alternatives that suit you the best. From Idaho and Florida, we are the industry experts. Talk to our 1031 advisors now.

Eligible 1031 Exchange Properties In Idaho

If you are within your 45-day ID period, chances are you haven’t found the right replacement property. Keeping this in mind, we provide free property lists with customizable options. We understand your objectives and narrow down your objectives to help you finalize the right replacement property. From our experience, most exchangers usually search for a property with minimal management headache and a chance to earn regular income. And if you are one of those, we have the largest selection of TIC properties, NNN properties and the most popular DST properties. Call us now to get started on the 1031 exchange.

Are You Looking For TIC Properties?

Real Estate Market In Idaho

If you are searching for real estate properties in Idaho, you are at the right place. The Idaho real estate market is healthy and growing. Here are some of the statistics on the Idaho real estate market: 

  • Overview: In 2017, Idaho added over 15,000 new jobs, contributing to the 2.1% national growth rate. Although this represents a slow improvement, it’s safe to say that Idaho has reached full employment. 
  • Home Sales: Home sales rose by 9.1% every year in areas like Payette County, Boner County, Shoshone County and Kootenai County. 
  • Days On Market: On average, a house in Idaho was usually listed for 20 days in 2017. Northern Idaho homes took 122 days to sell, while Southern Idaho homes took only 83 days to sell. 
  • Home Prices: In 2017, the average home prices rose by 14%. Moreover, every county in Idaho saw an increase in home prices from the fourth quarter of 2016. 
  • Overall: According to the above statistics, the Idaho market remains favorable for sellers and new real estate projects. 

Top Growing Cities In Idaho

  1.  Heyburn
  2. Chubbuck
  3. Jerome
  4. American Falls
  5. Buhl
  6. Kuna
  7. Hayden
  8. Grangeville
  9. Salmon
  10. Post Falls.

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