Work With Registered 1031 Exchange Advisors And Qualified Intermediaries Today

Work With Registered 1031 Exchange Advisors And Qualified Intermediaries Today​

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For a successful 1031 exchange, getting the services of a Qualified Intermediary (QI) or a facilitator/accommodator is essential. We help you connect with professional QIs who act as a middleman in your 1031 exchange and help with escrow services, paperwork and oversight. The 1031 exchange is a complex process, but getting the help of a good QI can simplify the process. Moreover, to avoid closing hassles, it is advisable to connect with a QI before the scheduled closing to ensure a smooth exchange. 

According to the 1031 Exchange rules, an exchanger can not take over physical ownership or constructive receipt of the proceeds resulting from the sale of the relinquished property. A QI possesses this constructive receipt until you are ready to reinvest the proceeds in a replacement property. To ensure a secure exchange, our QIs use a Qualified Escrow Deposit Agreement under which the funds can not leave the FDIC-insured bank accounts without being wired to a bonafide real estate closing and exchanger’s signature. 

At, we help you work with the experts to help you defer the capital gains taxes on your proceeds and complete a 1031 exchange easily. Give us a call now 888-876-6005 to know more.

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