TIC VS Rental Property

TIC vs. Rental Property: An Alternative for Exhausted Landlords?

A landlord has many responsibilities, such as answering phone calls in the middle of the night about the property or other issues. Most landlords do not realize there are alternatives to rental properties that provide consistent cash flow without all the hassles of property management.
Imagine if you were a landlord and your tenant signed a 10-year lease. Under this lease, the tenant would be responsible for the property taxes, homeowners insurance, and all utilities. A tenant will not disturb you if there is an issue with the property; instead, they will fix it themselves.
Rent will also be paid on time. You should strongly consider tenant-in-common properties if the above information sounds unbelievable to you. American landlords have found these investments to be quite helpful in saving on their investments.

Life as a Landlord

Investing in rental properties is a common starting point for many investors. They do a little work as well as finding tenants and fixing things. They built their portfolio to multiple properties while juggling the nuts-and-bolts management tasks.
It is also possible to hire a property manager to handle things for you, but even when you don’t have to worry about minor repairs or finding tenants, you still have to make most of the management decisions. As a sole owner, you are responsible for all risks and liabilities associated with your property as a sole owner.

Make life easier with 1031 exchanges.

We simplify the lives of exhausted landlords at 1031 Exchange Place. In addition to assisting clients with their 1031 exchanges, we help them explore options for replacement properties that offer secure monthly income without management headaches. Investing in an investment-grade property at a low investment threshold is possible. In addition, the national tenant will take care of the property taxes, repairs, maintenance, etc. It will allow you to avoid some of the most common financial liabilities you are currently facing and the time-consuming management tasks you are currently facing.
Let our experienced advisors help you defer your capital gains tax liability through 1031 exchange transactions and diversify your investments, reducing your hands-on financial and management responsibilities.

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